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This E-book is for you if you:

  • Start reflecting if your business can be protected
  • Have unclear questions related with security
  • Information's are not enough to partner with a security company
  • Experience unsafe workplace
  • Look for preserving your brand in front of your clients
  • Don't know if a security service is suitable for your business

About the Author

Alexandru Zamfir is from a military background with a 12 years involvement in security industry. With extensive experience, working within the sectors of TV, Film, Retail and Nightlife security, Alexandru develop this E-book to aid people understand their position related with security services.

CEO & Founder of SHIELD, his vision is to get involved with passion to improve people's life: men’s, women’s and children’s by providing our prestigious clients the most invaluable resource, the human factor, to aid them protect their assets, goods, business and life. We aim to regain people feelings that everyone can sleep well knowing that SHIELD is taking care of their worries.

Graduate of Sociology - Psychology University, he's willing to implement his teaching about people relationship and customer service to all security officers working for SHIELD. 

What People Are Saying

Gabriela Dragomir

CEO at Brainstorm Strategy

"The pleasant surprise came when I got in touch with this E-book, a synthesis of precious and beneficial information to every business.

I recommend you to experience the feeling of security given by this, but also to get in touch with Alexandru's remarkable attitude to do safe business.”

Patrick M. Danton

Event Manager at Live & Let It Be

"On my business I have to ensure customers satisfaction with safety measures.

This e-book offers me a better insight to an understanding of safety and security aspects that plays a vital role in hospitality industry, as this is dependent largely with my guest relationship to the venue”